Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) - a global English Master's Programme

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Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) is a four-semester Master's programme in which students acquire detailed knowledge of theories and methods of conflict research. Upon completion of the programme, students will have gained knowledge of the work and functions of international organizations and how to implement peaceful solutions to violent conflicts. In addition, students learn to develop constructive strategies for overcoming stalemates in social conflicts by analysing their causes and discussing various options for solutions. The focus of the programme is on combining theoretical and methodological knowledge with empirical cases and reflecting on the actual practical application and applicability of theories and methods to the "real world".

The personal background of PACS students is very heterogeneous, so that every year people with different degrees and work experience come together. In addition, students come from a variety of regions, including Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. This diversity makes the PACS Master in Magdeburg particularly attractive. Another special feature is the close relationship between students and teachers, which creates a familiar atmosphere and enables intensive discussions and excellent learning outcomes. 

The degree focuses on qualitative methods that prepare students for both practical work in institutions and academic careers. In addition to the classical forms of academic teaching, the programme also includes interesting lecture series, excursions and practical workshops.

Upon completion of the PACS Master in Magdeburg, our students will be: 

  • well educated in various forms of academic presentation
  • able to express complex contents in front of various audiences
  • able to conduct interdisciplinary work in teams
  • interculturally competent, given the international character of the student community
  • well aware of the political and social responsibility their work entails
  • ready to work in leading positions in a responsible manner
  • well-prepared for all practical requirements of professional life.

These competencies qualify our graduates as excellent candidates for various professional fields, international organizations as well as for positions in associations or in an academic career.

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