The following list contains an excerpt of our courses offered in previous semesters.

Compulsory Module 1: Theories and Approaches of Peace and Conflict Studies  
  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies


Compulsory Module 2: Concepts of Securing Peace
  • Securing Peace after Political Violence


Compulsory Module 3: Conflict Analysis and Theories of Conflict Management
  • Understanding Conflict - conflict theories and tools for conflict analysis
  • International Conflict Management


Compulsory Module 4: Applied Conflict Management
  • Applied Conflict Management and Mediation


Compulsory Module 5: Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Tutorial to Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies


Optional Compulsory Module 6: Regional and Global Order
  • State and Non-State Actors in Violent Conflict
  • Protracted Social Conflicts in the Arab Region: 
  • Politischer Islam im Nahen Osten und in Asien
  • Defense Policy
  • Critical Security Studies
  • International Organizations
  • The Political System of the EU
  • Dynamics of EU Governance and Integration
  • Comparing and Connecting Humanitarian Action and Development Assistance


Optional Compulsory Module 7: Sustainable Development and Resource Management
  • Resource Conflicts
  • Global Sustainability Governance
  • The Disaster Conflict Nexus (Field research in Nepal)
  • Klimawandel und Konflikte
  • Scientific Knowlege Transfer in Natural Resources Policy
  • Projekte in der internationalen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
  • Filmanalyse und Nachhaltigkeit im Spielfilm


Optional Compulsory Module 8: Violence and Media
  • Political Violence & Global Media
  • Pop-Culture and Conflict
  • Names as potential sources of conflict
  • Critical Discourse Analysis as a Means of Studying Violence in the Media  
  • The Representation of Poverty and Precarity in the Media
  • Peace and Film Utopias
  • War in Film
  • Visuelle Soziologie: Der Umgang mit Fremdkultur
  • Journalists as Actors in War and Armed Conflict (in cooperation with the Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal)


Optional Compulsory Module 9: Global Justice
  • Transitional Justice
  • The role of humanitarian assistance in armed conflict dilemmas and opportunities
  • Humanitarianism
  • Public apologies and denials in the post-truth era
  • Critical Approaches to Peacebuilding
  • Menschenrechte und Nachhaltige Entwicklung 
  • Ethik der Migration


Compulsory Module 10: Master Thesis


Extra Module 

Internship / Language certificate


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