Lecture Series, Workshops and other Events

Apart from the extensive input offered with the available seminars, much of the teaching and acquisition of knowledge and skills is done outside of regular seminars or the obligatory internship. Students are regularly given the opportunity to enhance their skills and gain insight into possible future career choices. Through workshops or simulations on current topics students can practice their negotiation abilities and other useful soft skills. Additionally, we invite guest speakers on a regular basis, including scholars from other universities as well as from NGOs, international organisations, ministries and the media, to provide insights into their respective research or work. Some of them are even incorporated in the seminars. Finally, by offering research seminars, workshops, excursions and summer schools, we give our students the opportunity to go into depth on specific research topics.

Many of our students are active beyond the university. They engage in social volunteer work directly in Magdeburg, study abroad or prolong their internships to work for a semester or two in Germany or other parts of the world. Beyond the obligatory practical work experience PACS students have worked with ministries, newspapers, aided in local integration and refugee projects, or international human rights observation in their free time.

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