Master Thesis

Before you officially register your Master thesis at the examination office, you should be clear about your topic, the research question and the method. It is okay if you start working on your thesis before you officially register, as it is better to submit your thesis weeks before the deadline than to extend it.

Thesis Colloquium

You are required to attend a thesis colloquium/research seminar in which you present your research project to other students and a professor. You will receive feedback and constructive comments during the seminar. It is possible that your supervisor may ask you to write an exposé (which is recommended regardless of whether your supervisor asks for it or not). 

You should attend the colloquium of the professor whose chair you are writing your master's thesis. Currently Prof. Spencer, Prof. Schrader, Prof. Böcher and Prof. Heidbreder offer colloquia that can be attended by students of peace and conflict studies. 

Registration at the Examination Office

In order to register for your master thesis, you must have collected at least 60 credit points (CP). PACS is a Master program with 120 CP; you will receive 5 CP for participating in a thesis colloquium and 25 CP for writing and defending your thesis.

Please make an appointment for registering your master thesis in the examination office of the faculty for humanities (Prüfungsamt FHW). Ms. Nancy Bunge (G40, room 103) is currently responsible for PACS students. You should make an appointment via phone here.

Bring the following document to the appointment at the examination office: Application for Admission to the Final Thesis (The document can be downloaded from the website of the examination office). This document  needs to include the title as well as the names and signature of the first and second supervisor. Be aware that until March 31st 2018, PACS students do not necessarily need a professor as their first supervisors. A doctoral degree is sufficient. The second supervisor needs to have at least a master’s degree. Be aware that the supervisors of the thesis will also be the evaluators who give the thesis the final grade.

After the registration you have 20 weeks to write your thesis. 


  • You need to personally hand in your thesis at the examination office. You should again make an appointment for that occasion.
  • Two copies are needed, either in softcover or hardcover (spiral binding (Ringbindung) is not allowed!!!)
  • You also have to submit your thesis digitally on a CD-Rom attached to both copies
  • Attach a signed Declaration of authorship 


In case you get ill, you can ask for an extension of your writing time. You need to hand in both a medical certificate to the examination office and an informal written request (formloser Antrag) to prolong the time frame. The office will then send you the new deadline via mail.

If you have other reasons for extending the deadline, but are not responsible for this delay, you can write a well-founded informal request addressed to the audit committee (Prüfungsausschuss). You should hand it in at the examination office.

You can extend the time frame to a maximum of four weeks.

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