New publication by Alexander Spencer & Judith Renner: Trump, Brexit & Post-Truth

17.09.2018 -

Trump, Brexit “Post-Truth”: HoPost-Structuralist IR Theories can help us understand World Order in the 21st century

In this article Prof. Dr. Alexander Spencer and Dr. Judith Renner want to reect on by considering what IR theory has to say about “(post)-truth” as a situation “relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less inuential in shaping public opinion than app eals to emotion and per sonal belief".

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PACS commented course catalogue winter 2018/19

10.09.2018 -

PACS commented course catalogue winter 2018/2019

Do you want to get to know our current PACS classes for winter semester 2018-2019? Check out our new course catalogue here or in relevant documents. 

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New student coordinator: Jonas Rusche

02.09.2018 -

Hello, my name is Jonas Rusche, I am a current student of Peace and Conflict Studies in Magdeburg and will be the new student coordinator or tutor for this Master degree. To start with, I want to briefly introduce myself. Coming from ...

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Narratives and the romantic genre in IR: dominant and marginalized stories of Arab Rebellion in Libya

25.07.2018 -

In this article Prof. Dr. Alexander Spencer shows how the rebellion against Gaddafi in Libya in 2011 was romanticized in the British newspaper media and among the political elite.

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