New publication by Tim Heinkelmann-Wild, Daniel Beck and Alexander Spencer

02.08.2019 -

The article by Tim-Heinkelmann-Wild, Daniel Beck and Prof. Dr. Alexander Spencer examines the social construction of the ‘refugee’ in the German tabloid media by investigating an instance in 2016 in which specific refugees from Syria were constructed not as terrorists or as victims but as heroes following their help in the arrest of a terrorist in Chemnitz. 

New publication by Siddharth Tripathi and Kristina Roepstorff

28.07.2019 -

Examining the specific case of India, the article illustrates how the historical, religious and spiritual traditions and the politics of the subcontinent have informed Indian discourses on peace with the potential to fertilise global dialogues on peace and peacebuilding.


Cooperation with the Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal

24.05.2019 -

We are very pleased about the cooperation with the Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal.

In an exchange of modules, PACS students can attend the seminar "Journalists as Actors in War and Armed Conflict" with Prof. Dr. Eric Chouvistré at the Hochschule in the coming winter semester. In exchange, students from the Hochschule come to the OvGU to attend the lecture "Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies" with the new PACS freshmen.

This gives our PACS students an insight into the practical aspects of the relationship between media and conflict and the students of the University of Magdeburg Stendal a more theoretical insight into the causes of conflict. 


Deadline Approaching

24.05.2019 -

Apply now!

You still have time until the 15th of July to apply for the PACS Master program starting this October.

Find more information about the requierments here



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