New student coordinator (actually since June 2019): Nina Rösler

13.08.2019 -

Hello, my name is Nina Rösler and I am one of the two student coordinators of the PACS master. 

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New publication by Kristina Roepstorff

28.07.2019 -

This paper wants to contribute to critical scholarship on humanitarian action by offering a discussion of the conceptualisation of the local that informs the localisation agenda. To this end, the paper provides a brief overview of the localisation discourse in humanitarian action


New publication by Tim Heinkelmann-Wild, Daniel Beck and Alexander Spencer

02.08.2019 -

The article by Tim-Heinkelmann-Wild, Daniel Beck and Prof. Dr. Alexander Spencer examines the social construction of the ‘refugee’ in the German tabloid media by investigating an instance in 2016 in which specific refugees from Syria were constructed not as terrorists or as victims but as heroes following their help in the arrest of a terrorist in Chemnitz. 

New publication by Siddharth Tripathi and Kristina Roepstorff

28.07.2019 -

Examining the specific case of India, the article illustrates how the historical, religious and spiritual traditions and the politics of the subcontinent have informed Indian discourses on peace with the potential to fertilise global dialogues on peace and peacebuilding.


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