The following list contains an excerpt of our courses offered in previous semesters. An overview over the most current seminars can be found in the Course Catalogues of each semester. 

Compulsory Module 1: Theories and Approaches of Peace and Conflict Studies  
  • Introduction to Peace and Conflict Studies


Compulsory Module 2: Concepts of Securing Peace
  • Securing Peace after Political Violence


Compulsory Module 3: Conflict Analysis and Theories of Conflict Management
  • Understanding Conflict - Conflict Theories and Tools for Conflict Analysis
  • International Conflict Management


Compulsory Module 4: Applied Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Applied Conflict Management and Mediation


Compulsory Module 5: Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies
  • Tutorial to Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies


Optional Compulsory Module 6: Regional and Global Order
  • State and Non-State Actors in Violent Conflict
  • Protracted Social Conflicts in the MENA Region
  • Politischer Islam im Nahen Osten und in Asien
  • Defense Policy
  • Critical Security Studies
  • International Organizations
  • The Political System of the EU
  • Dynamics of EU Governance and Integration
  • Comparing and Connecting Humanitarian Action and Development Assistance
  • Terrorism and Political Violence


Optional Compulsory Module 7: Sustainability Conflicts and Governance of Natural Resources
  • Resource Conflicts
  • Global Sustainability Governance
  • The Disaster Conflict Nexus (Field research in Nepal)
  • Klimawandel und Konflikte
  • Scientific Knowlege Transfer in Natural Resources Policy
  • Projekte in der internationalen Entwicklungszusammenarbeit
  • Filmanalyse und Nachhaltigkeit im Spielfilm


Optional Compulsory Module 8: Violence and Media
  • Political Violence & Global Media
  • Pop-Culture and Conflict
  • Names as Potential Sources of Conflict
  • Critical Discourse Analysis as a Means of Studying Violence in the Media  
  • The Representation of Poverty and Precarity in the Media
  • Peace and Film Utopias
  • War in Film
  • Visuelle Soziologie: Der Umgang mit Fremdkultur
  • Journalists as Actors in War and Armed Conflict (in cooperation with the Hochschule Magdeburg Stendal)


Optional Compulsory Module 9: Global Justice
  • Transitional Justice
  • The Role of Humanitarian Assistance in Armed Conflict Dilemmas and Opportunities
  • Humanitarianism
  • Public Apologies and Denials in the Post-truth Era
  • Critical Approaches to Peacebuilding
  • Menschenrechte und Nachhaltige Entwicklung 
  • Ethik der Migration


Optional Compulsory Module 10: International Module
  • Achievements abroad as part of an exchange semester


Compulsory Module 11: Master Thesis


Extra Module 

Practical Experience / Language Certificate


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