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General Questions about the Programme

Is the programme accredited?

Do I have to pay tuition fees?

When does the semester start?

Are there any recommendations for structuring the study?

Where can I complete my internship and how long should it last?

How many pages should the internship report contain and which criteria should it fulfil?


 Master Thesis

When and how do I register for the Master thesis?

How much time do I have to write the Master thesis and is there a possibility to extend the working time?

Can I change the topic of my Master thesis?

Where do I submit my Master thesis?

Can I write my Master thesis in German?


 Application Procedure

Where and when do I apply?

Do I need to prove my English language skills?

How do I submit my documents to uni-assist?

Do I need to certify my documents? 

Can I apply with a lower final grade than 2.5 (German Grading System)?


 General Questions about the Programme

Yes, the programme was accredited in 2016.


No, but there is a moderate semester fee. You can find information on that here (unfortunately only in German).


Studies beginn in the winter term of every year (October). Applications are only possible for the winter term.


An advice for the structure of your studies can be found here.


The internship should be completed at the end of the second semester. It has a duration of 4-6 weeks and is available for all study-related areas, such as non-governmental organizations, national and international political organizations, educational and training institutions, etc.


The internship report should contain 5-7 pages and introduce the institution where the internship has been done. Also, it should contain the abilities that you have learned there as well as an evaluation of the internship.


 Master Thesis

In general you should register at the end of the 3rd semester and beginning of the 4th semester. The registration can be completed after consultation of the topic with the professor at the examination office with this form. For the request you need:

  • Proposal for the subject area which the topic of the Master thesis will involve
  • If applicable, an application for the assignment of the topic and teamwork
  • If necessary, suggestions from the supervisors

More information can be found here.


After the registration of your thesis, you have 20 weeks (5 months) to finish it. If you can assure by a medical certificate that you are prevented from working on your thesis, the working time can be extended up to 4 weeks.


You can change your topic only once and only whithin the first three weeks of the working time.


You have to hand in the two copies of your thesis at the examination office of our faculty.


Yes, the Master thesis can be written in English and German.


Application Procedure

Where and when do I apply?

Applicants with a German degree can submit their applications via myOVGU. More information about the application procedure for applicants with a German degree can be found here (application period: mid-May until the 15th of July). Applicants with a foreign degree can submit their applications via uni-assist (application period: 15th of April - 15th of July). Please also refer to the Admission section of the PACS website.


Do I need to prove my English language skills?

Yes! In order to meet the admission requirements, candidates must demonstrate a level of English equivalent to C1 in accordance with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This can be evidenced by an official language certificate. We accept: UNIcert, IELTS, Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC, telc. An exception is made for applicants who graduated in an English-speaking program in the following English-speaking countries: Australia, Great Britain, New Zealand, the USA, Ireland or Canada (we can only accept degrees in these countries as proof of language skills!). 


Do I need to certify my documents?

Yes. Necessary certified copies are:

  • All university transcripts
  • Certificate of the general university entrance qualification (e.g. Abiturzeugnis, Highschool-Diploma, Senior Secondary School Diploma)

For applicants with a foreign degree, who apply via uni-assist please check their criteria for the certification of documents.


Can I apply with a lower final grade than 2.5 (German Grading System)?

No. Unfortunately, we only accept applications with a final grade of 2.5 (German Grading System) or better.



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