New Publications by Spencer & Roepstorff

28.01.2020 -  

Prof. Alexander Spencer and Dr. Kristina Roepstorff, together with Dr. Stephan Engelkamp, have written the introduction and an article on "Moving Images: Visual Metaphors of Peace in the Movie Mango Dreams" in the new issue of the magazine "Peace & Change". 

The articles in this special issue on visualizing peace have the aim to illuminate the possibilities of how (the impossibility of) visualizing peace could foster or impede a more peaceful engagement in or after violent conflict situations. 

In order to provide the basis for the following multidisciplinary investigation, the introduction deals, firstly, with research on the visualization of peace by examining images of peace in paintings, political posters, photographs and films, and shows that conceptualizations of a negative peace dominate much of the research. The second part of the introduction reflects on the ways in which visualizations can contribute to peacebuilding, conflict resolution and peace education, while the third part provides an overview of the articles in the special issue and considers what can be learned from them in terms of how peace is (not) visualized and how this could contribute to a more peaceful engagement between former enemies.

In the first part of the article "Moving Images: Visual Metaphors of Peace in the Movie Mango Dreams" a method of Visual Metaphor Analysis (VMA) is developed to finally use this method to investigate the metaphors of peace found in the celebrated movie Mango Dreams, winner of the Peace on Earth Film Festival 2017.

You can find the issue of "Peace & Change" (Vol. 45, Iss. 1) here.

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