New amendment on the examination and study regulations for PACS programme

20.11.2023 -

We would like to inform you that some minor changes took place as follows:


  • Admission to PACS and the motivation letter requirements
  • Enrolment for new students is now possible in winter and summer semester
  • Introducing the requirements of the practical experience (previously named internship) as part of completing the study programme: internships, volunteer work, and language course as options to complete this compulsery module
  • Thesis preparation and submission
  • Renaming some modules


To see more in details you are welcomed to visit the amendment (only in German for now)

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AUKA-PACS Talks / SOSE 2023 / Kyrgyz-Tajik Border Dispute

07.06.2023 -
We invite you to the AUCA-PACS Talks, Summer Semester 2023.


After the fall of the Soviet Union, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan became independent states and maintained the borders established under Stalin's rule in the 1920s. This led to significant political and socio-economic changes for both countries. However, during the process of border delineation, issues arose due to the symbolic nature of the borders drawn during Soviet times. Under the Soviet system, Kyrgyz and Tajik communities had shared access to natural resources based on state-backed property rights. The lack of clarity in the border lines after 1991 has since then resulted in interethnic tensions, violent outbreaks, and ongoing disputes between the two countries over access to resources such as water for irrigation and pasture land.

Guest lecturers from the American University of Central Asia will give a lecture and a workshop. The lecture will provide an overview on the conflict with a particular focus on its impact on the Kyrgyz society. The workshop serves to engage in a deeper discussion on possible ways for conflict resolution in the area and gives space to discuss other questions which arise from the lecture.


Register for the Workshop:

Please register for the workshop by sending an email to until 9th June, Friday.

You can prepare both events based on Kurmanalieva, Gulzana (2018): Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan: Endless Border Conflicts, Dans L'Europe en Formation (n° 385), 121-130.

AUCA-PACS Talks_Poster

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IOCM Summer School 2023 - FSU Jena

26.05.2023 -

Planning for Peace – Understanding Multidimensionality and Integration in UN Peace Operations

July 7-9th and July 17-18th | FSU Jena


This summer again students of PACS Magdeburg may attend a summer school at Friedrich-Schiller-Universität in Jena.

This year's topic is "Planning for Peace - Understanding Multidimensionality and Integration in UN Peace Operations".


July 7-9th and July 17-18th.

For more information

Click on the Flyer IOCM Summer School 2023 for more information.


If you are interested, please send an email with your CV and transcript of records to Professor Spencer () until May 26th, 2023.


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New Article: "Humorous parodies of popular culture as strategy in Boris Johnson’s populist communication"

17.05.2023 -

Screenshot Abstract Daniel BeckOur team member Daniel Beck just published his latest article in The British Journal of Politics and International Relations (BJPIR). The journal is the world’s premier outlet for research on British politics.

In the article, Daniel looks on how humour and populism are related. “It is common for British politicians to use humour, but the style of Boris Johnson’s humour is due to its parodic and emotional quality unique”, states the article.

The article is available #OpenAccess here

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