Online Info Event for Erasmus Traineeships

26.03.2024 -


Dear all,


The Office for Erasmus Traineeships will be hosting three online info events about Erasmus internships abroad, informing on

  • how to find an internship in Europe
  • how to apply for the Erasmus grant
  • how to prepare for the traineeship stay abroad (visa requirements, insurance etc.)

Here are the links to register for one of the following sessions:


  • (in German) 3 April 4-6pm (vorrangig Hochschule)


  • (in English) 14 May 4-6pm


  • (in German) 11 June 4-6pm (vorrangig Unis)

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Feminism Course - Free Spots Available for PACS Students

26.03.2024 -


Dear all, 

Registration for seminars for the summer semester is open now and in this regard, Alba Kugelmaier Lopez informed us that there are still some spots in her seminar "Feminism", the syllabus is attached in this link.

The course will cover topics such as post-colonial feminism, decolonial feminism, and further topics.

Here is the link for more details and registration:

If you have further questions about the course, reach out to  

Best wishes, 

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Commented Lecture Directory - Summer Term 2024

26.03.2024 -

In the link you will find the commented lecture directory for the summer term 2024

You can simply click on the name of the class and it will automatically lead you to the respective page in LSF. Nevertheless, please check LSF yourself as information might be updated. This document is just a guideline to give a a bit of an overview. 

If you find any discrepancies or have any questions please send an email to  

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New Module Handbook

06.03.2024 -

We would like to introduce you to the new handbook of PACS where you can find all information about the compulsory and optional modules so you can better understand the programme structure and objectives and better plan your study.


Please find the handbook here

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