Intersections of Gender, Family and Society in Kyrgyzstan

05.11.2020 -  

The Sociology Department of the American University of Central Asia (AUCA) and the Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) Program of the Otto von Guericke University Magdeburg started teaching a new interdisciplinary course: Intersections of Gender, Family and Society in Kyrgyzstan.

This course is designed to develop the collaborative research experience of students from Germany and Kyrgyzstan to explore the complex issues of gender-based violence, family interaction, and the role of civil society and the state in preventing gender inequality and violence against women and children in Kyrgyzstan. Students from both countries will work together in a research team to conduct a joint research project.

The team of professors from PACS and the Sociology Department of AUCA will lead this course and advise students on their research.  


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