Farewell to Antje Holinski

15.09.2019 -  

Antje Holinski will work as a PACS lecturer until the end of September. We wanted to take the opportunity to thank her once again. As she herself said during her farewell speech at the summer party, this goodbye takes place with a smiling and a crying eye (a German expression that is best translated as 'with mixed feelings'). We find it a pity not to have her as a colleague soon, but of course wish her all the best and much success on her way. The good thing about PACS is that you never lose contact with each other. And since Antje not only did her Master in Peace and Conflict Studies, but also worked at the chair for more than three years, we are quite sure that we will continue to hear from her in the future.

Antje, all the best to you!

Farewell Antje



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