Application under Helmut-Schmidt Programme (Fully-funded Scholarship) - Video 1/2

The below video overviews the following:

  1. What is Deutsche Akademische Austauschdienst (DAAD)
  2. What is Helmut-Schmidt Programme (The Scholarship Programme)
  3. Who can apply and who is eligable for the scholarship?
  4. Important documents you need to read before you start applying
  5. Some important information


Links mentioned in the video:



This video is meant to provide some guidance and basic information to help applicants submit their application for the master's of Peace and Conflict Studies (PACS) under DAAD Helmut-Schmidt Programme. The instructions provided by PACS and DAAD websites are the only reliable source and cannot in any way be replaced by this video.

Please read and explore carefully the DAAD and PACS websites before you submit any application.

Please submit clear and visible documents, bad quality copies may lead to the rejection of your application


You can find the second video concerning the process of application in this link.


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