PhD at our Chair

The chair of International Relations offers the opportunity to complete your individual research project in the field of peace and conflict studies, international relations or a closely-related subject area.

A PhD or rather the German equivalent “Dr. phil.” is a substantial scientific piece of work which takes on average 4-5 years to complete.

There currently is no graduate school or structured PhD programme. PhDs are supervised individually by Alexander Spencer and the supervision is tailored according to the individual needs and abilities of the candidates.

This includes a research seminar each term in which all the PhD students and scientific staff of the chair present their current research in order to get feedback. PhD students are expected to participate in these seminars on a regular basis.

For those interested in pursuing an academic career after their PhD, the chair offers PhD students the opportunity to gain valuable teaching experience and give seminars in the Master’s Programme of PACS, voluntarily and on topics of their individual research focus.


For detailed information please visit:  PhD at the Chair of International Relations

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