Batch 2018

Our students


'As a Bolivian student, the Master in Peace and Conflict Studies gives me the possibility to establish a horizontal and open exchange of cultures and knowledge.  From a human and academic dimension, local complexities and global ambivalences found space for dialogue and generate new perspectives for the analysis.  The language challenge, of course, is an important part of the experience.'



 'One of the program's strengths certainly is the diversity of academic and professional backgrounds by its students. Due to the considerable accessibility of different disciplines, various approaches turn up to deal with specific issues. Accompanied by the internationality of the students it is possible to take a view on conflicts from completely new perspectives, which in fact seems necessary with regard to the the worlds many crises.'



'Coming from a region full of political conflicts urged me to be involved in political life since I was 18, now it's the high time to achieve peace in the Middle East. Studying this program gives me the chance to see things from different and thoughtful perspectives.'



 'Because of my previous experience as language teacher in Colombia and my interest for the future of the military in my homeland, I am looking for a qualification, which enables me to gain an comprehensive understanding of conflicts from a multidisciplinary point of view as well as handle them creatively. At the OVGU I did not only find gladly both, but also political committed partners.'



 'The Master’s Degree Peace and Conflict Studies in Magdeburg offers many opportunities. The professors provide an environment where I can choose which topics I want to pursue. They listen to new ideas and give support and expertise to follow them. Overall, there is a strong sense of community – this personal touch makes studying at the Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg unique.'



'After working for a while in the field of German development cooperation in Kyrgyzstan I had a big desire to gain an understanding of conflict management theories and peace promotion instruments. At the OVGU I have found a good mixture of theory and praxis. Moreover, the learning process is encouraged by cooperation, support, and engagement of the both sides, lecturers and students, which also enables to exchange ideas, transfer knowledge and create networks for the professional experience.'



 'To study Peace and Conflict Studies at the OvGU was the right choice for me! I am excited that the study programme enables to study on an interdisciplinary basis and to engage with questions of global and societal connections, but one can also specialise in a particular field of interest. I greatly appreciate the lively discussions on topics as climate change with a critical view of the system, which do not only take place outside the teaching but are also part of many seminars. And not the least, Magdeburg is a great place to commit oneself and get involved in the social transformation.'


Our students - Renata Malkes

'As a journalist coming from Brazil, where Peace and Conflict Studies are not yet a prominent research area, I found in Magdeburg an efervescent ground to reflect on theories, discuss ideas and develop new insights. The atmosphere in the OVGU is international and cooperative. Everyone knows everyone and the close connection between students and lecturers is another invaluable asset, ensuring fruitful and challenging exchanges.'

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