Internships for PACS students

Before the Internship

According to the study and examination regulations (Studien- und Prüfungsordnung), you need to complete an internship of minimum six weeks (§6.6). 

You are free to do your internship in Germany or abroad. Inform yourself beforehand if or how much you would earn and if the organization provides you with housing or helps you finding an accommodation; all in all, make sure that you can afford the stay. Yo may be eligble for AuslandsBAföG or a scholarship. The German Academic Exchange Service DAAD may be of interest in this regard.

If you need inspiration for a PACS internship, check out some possible opportunities.


During the Internship

You should work a minimum of 240 hours, i.e. eight hours per day for six weeks of internship. You may also be able to complete a half-time internship as long as you fulfill the required hours; however, you should talk to your supervisor beforehand.

Make sure that you receive a proof of the internship signed and rubberstamped by the respective organization. This may be a certificate (Praktikumszeugnis) and/or the document Praktikumsnachweis from the examination office (only available in German). Be aware that you will have to hand in your original internship certificate and that you will not get it back. It may be a better option to use the Praktikumsnachweis-document or to ask your internship organisation for a second original issue of the certificate.


After the Internship

In order to receive the designated ten Credit Points for your internship, you need to hand in two documents to the examination office:

  • The document Praktikumsnachweis signed by the respective organization. You can hand in an internship certificate instead (signed and rubberstamped); however, this needs to be either the original document or a notarized copy.
  • The acknowledgement of the internship supervisor Morgane Desoutter (mail to: ). You need to hand in an internship report of eight pages. You can hand in the report via mail. Miss Desoutter will read your report and check if your internship fulfills the criteria for achieving Credit Points: The report should connect your internship experience with the contents of the PACS programme whereby the layout of the report is up to your decision. If you are unsure about the connection to the PACS' contents, please talk to Miss Desoutter before you start the internship. She will then sign your Praktikumsnachweis-document, which your internship organizations has already filled in, or she will give you an extra document in case you want to hand in your internship certificate. Having received the signature, you can then hand in the document(s) in the examination office.

It is possible to complete your internship after you have handed in your Master thesis and your Master defence. Be aware that the date you hand in your internship report then is the date of your last examination requirement (Prüfungsleistung) and will appear on your Master certificate as day of your degree. 

Instead of an internship, you may complete a language proficiency UNIcert level with certificate at OvGU (non english) or you can substitute the internship with a proof of voluntary commitment related to PACS. However, this commitment needs to take place at least once a week for a minimum of six months.

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