Announcement: Guided Research Seminar and Excursion to Kyrgyzstan in Winter Term 2022/23

27.05.2022 -  

Guided Research Seminar and Excursion: The Intersections of Gender and Violence in Kyrgyzstan

In winter term 2022/23 we will go into the sixth round of the 'Social Science Guided Research Seminar'. The course offers a unique opportunity to develop collaborative research experience in an international and intercultural setting. The course is held in cooperation with the American University of Central Asia in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan (AUCA). After a preparation period in a joint online module on methods and research design during Winter Term 2022/23, we will conduct our qualitative research during a two-week field research excursion to Kyrgyzstan in March 2023. Students from OVGU and AUCA will be working together in mixed research teams and are jointly supervised by lecturers from AUCA and OVGU.

Previous courses engaged with slums in India, the 'Nepal and the Disaster-Conflict Interface' and  'The 'Intersections' of Gender, Family, and Society in Kyrgyzstan'. The ideas behind this year's course will be announced on our information event on 21 June 2022, 1 - 3 pm. Save the date!


The course addresses Master students of Peace and Conflict Studies and Social Sciences with a general interest in qualitative research, the region and/or a background in Gender Studies. Please note, participation in the course requires applied knowledge of qualitative research methods, particularly interviews. This entails successful participation in Prof. Heiko Schrader's course on 'Methods of Peace and Conflict Studies' (previous courses or the course in Winter 2022/23) or proof through certificates from previous studies. Expenses are to be covered by the participants. We have the opportunity to offer subsidy to travel costs.

How to join?

If you are interested in the course, please send a preliminary expression of interest to and until 10 June 2022. 


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