Meeting with Kathmandu University

After heaving a wonderful breakfast at our hotel, looking over the rooftops of Kathmandu, we went already early in the morning to the University Kathmandu to meet our research-partners, professors and friends there for the first time. We had a very warm welcome and did some interesting inputs on both sides: We presented our own group and our research-topics to the professors and students, and we listened to some very interesting information about Nepals politics and society, the challenges with the first steps in a newly born federal democracy that in addition still has to deal with the aftermath of the earthquake. During the breaks between the presentations we learned some useful words and gestures and had a lot of fun chatting together. After a nice lunch we headed back towards Patan to relax a little bit and prepare for the next day, when we will form groups with the Students from Nepal, to work together on the research questions and concepts.

Although we get slowly used to the sound and traffic of Kathmandu, the bus ride home from the university with 20 and more people in one crowded minibus was still an interesting experience for most of us, still sometimes overwhelmed by the many impressions of everyday life in Kathmandu. There are so many small things which are difficult to describe, but nonetheless are these things the things that make this experience to our Nepal-Experience, and which help us to learn so much: About this country, about research, about ourselves, and, if you want so, about being a human, living on this earth. Whether it’s the Nepali man with his Scout-greeting and big smile, a deep conversation on a rooftop, a shared coke or a shared thought, worries and questions about life just as loud laughing about any connection, a warming blanket for a freezing fellow or a question about something you would learn about- there is a special spirit around which is typical for some ways of travelling and in the same time special and important.


In the evening we were eating at a restaurant and then ended the day with a beer or a juice, celebrating our Journey and a birthday, ready for the next day and happy for the adventures to come.


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