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Kick-off: Nepal Get-Together at OvGU

We are going to Nepal - and  want you to accompany us!

In preparation to our Nepal-excursion we organized a Nepal Get –Together evening on January 17, 2018. Together with the Nepalese students and other supporters we had a fantastic event. More than 40 people from the university and beyond took the opportunity to hear first-hand experiences.

 A short film gave us a first impression of Nepal. A land were you can find everything form wildlife safari in the south to the world’s highest mountains in the north of Nepal. Buddhism and Hinduism are part of the culture and so you will find temples and sacred places everywhere. Some of these buildings (many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites) were hit by the earthquake in 2015 and partially destroyed.

We presented our research topics, which are all related the disaster-conflict interface. We had fruitful discussions about our research questions and got helpful suggestion by the Nepalese students for our research project.

Felizia, a student who was in Nepal for an internship gave us an insight of her experiences during her stay. We were also glad to have the support of the Nepalese students who told us about Nepalese traditions and Ms Henkel shared her experience in Nepal too. She has been there for many years and her organisation supports the local population by helping to build schools and fund teachers.

After those interesting inputs we had the chance to taste traditional Nepalese food. Ms Henkel’s daughter and her son-in-law prepared ‘Momos’ and other delicious food. It was very good and interesting to taste new flavours.

We had a nice evening with good talks, exciting people and we are looking forward to visiting this fantastic country in February. 



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