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Today we had our first interviews with NGOs in Nepal. It turned tout that all the work we did in the last few months was a really good investment. Two groups which are focused on Dalits and on knowledge in action had interviews with a feminist organization, with World Vision (A Christian organization) and with a professor from the university of Kathmandu.

The support by the Nepali students was pretty helpful and we already could provide the first results of our research in the reflection round in the evening. We got some feedback by our lecturers on the content and way of doing our interviews. Our lecturers were impressed by the interviews, which were for many of us the first meetings with practitioners for scientific reasons. In the next days, all of our groups have many interviews planned and after the first success we are really motivated and looking forward to the research process. It went really well to organize meetings since we arrived in Kathmandu and the students of the Uni Kathmandu had a lot of ideas about people we could interview. However, we also realized how much work it will be to make a transcript of all the interviews, which last around 60 and 90 minutes.

In the evening we played some cards after the feedback round. The owner of our family owned accommodation showed up after the meeting and provided us typical and traditional Nepali drinks. He taught us some Nepali words and was really happy to be together with us on the rooftop on a nice night in Kathmandu. Tomorrow there is a holiday, but some of us still have meetings

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