Exchange with German actors

Half of our time in Nepal has already passed. Although nearly every one of us had to miss out days due to illness, the research groups are bus conducting their daily interviews- and every day more interviews and meetings are arranged. For a mid-term review it can be said that we all gained important insights into Nepali culture and a broad overview of disaster-conflict related topics.

By now, we are used to the Nepali traffic and using Nepali Taxis and mini busses. However, each ride remains a special experience. And thanks to the kindness of Nepali people, getting lost is impossible. Today we were invited to talk to competent and experienced peace advisors, coordinators and assistants from GIZ, ZfD and Kurve Wustrow- both local and German. Our meeting not only confirmed our findings so far but deepened our knowledge about how German development projects, Nepali-German cooperation and peace building efforts are carried out in the field. Thanks to the support of our Nepali fellow-students, Prof. Heiko Schrader and Dr. Kristina Roepstorff and our own keen interest in the topics, we get the best out of our time in Nepal and will continue to do so for the second half. We are looking forward to Maha Shivaratri, a public holiday in Nepal which takes place tomorrow.


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