Days of challenges and achievements

Our second day of field research was again a day full of new insights, challenges and achievements. These diverse interactions with interview partners, local or international organizations as well as with our Nepali fellow students were again content of exciting discussions in our daily evening meeting. As several groups already conducted their first interviews, our evening sessions are a good opportunity to share thoughts or laugh about unexpected incidents. In total, everyone is excited about these new experiences and even a bit proud of what we achieved so far.

As Nepalis are not working on Saturday, most of us had the opportunity to spend our free time visiting the Swayambhunath Temple. Located on a hill, this was the first time to see Kathmandu from above, including the dusty and smoggy mist covering the whole city. Surrounded by waving and colorful prayer flags and cheeky monkeys and apart from dozens of Nepalis going to prayer as well as countless tourists one could almost forget the busy streets of the city.

Besides our research activities and the gradual exploration of Patan and Kathmandu, a considerable part of our days centers on food. Starting with having breakfast together on the hotel rooftop, we are getting more and more familiar with all kinds of fried pastry, sweet or salty, we try MoMo’s, the typical Nepalese dumpling filled with a variety of ingredients, dip sauces with thick or thin, greasy or crispy bread. It is thereby not unusual to see someone sitting at the table struggling with a burning mouth or a running nose. In the meantime, there were more people feeling sick than people feeling well. To reconcile probable suspicions towards the Nepalese cuisine the owner of our hotel recommended to drink Raksi, a typical and strong Nepalese alcoholic beverage. We will see how his recommendation will shape this love-hate relationship between us (and our stomach’s in particular) and Nepal’s variety of food.


         Lunch Nepal        Mountain View Kathmandu


               Roof Kathmandu                            Interview preparation



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